values matter

AED is a progressive organisation with values to match

Values matter at AED and we promote qualities that support this outlook.

Quality makes senseDo no harmProtect the biosphereContribute to societyInvest in people
Our ethic is that even in a cost-driven industry which is often focussed on short-term returns, quality does still matter and is a good investment.

We make a genuine effort in our standard of service, the deliverables we produce and in the quality of the engineering work represented in those documents.

We undertake a broad range of work, but there are things we choose not to do.

Examples include: projects that cause net environmental damage; those relating to weapons; socially divisive development projects; or those where the social housing stock is reduced.

Construction is a significant contributor to global warming and major generator of waste products. We do our utmost to promote sustainability, minimise resource consumption and limit waste, by design.

As part of our commitment, our staff get financial support to take part in environmental activism.

We consider AED to be part of wider society. AED donates to a range of regional charities including: Hopscotch, Glasgow Golden Generation, Scottish Women’s Aid and the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

Our staff get financial support to undertake charity work.

We invest heavily in our people, training and resources. This gives our staff the means and motivation to go that extra mile in their work – that’s your work.

In our work we seek to apply the findings of the Egan Report (1998) ‘Rethinking Construction’ :

  • Provide committed leadership
  • Be focussed on the customer
  • Integrate all our processes and teams
  • Pursue a quality-driven agenda
  • Have commitment to people

Our Code of Conduct page is also relevant.