Jupiter Artland
Phyllida Barlow
iCon Fabrication

AED Director Tim Hetherington worked closely with Phyllida and her team in London over a period of several months to take this work from inception and maquette stage to full scale realisation on site in Edinburgh.

Key to this was the development of 3D digital massing models in Rhino3D from the maquette, which were then placed in a digital re-creation of the woodland landscape at Jupiter Artland, developed from detailed site surveys of path layouts and tree sizes and positions. Tim took this model to London and projected it onto the studio wall for Phyllida to give him instructions on how to adjust the spatial relationships of the three parts of the work, both with each other and collectively with the trees and paths, and see the results immediately given form in the projected image.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was inserting the sculpture foundations into the ground without harming the dense network of major tree roots covering the site.

The 3D massing model of the three parts was then used as a boundary mould in which the supporting steel structure was digitally placed in Rhino3D, designed and detailed in CSCS Masterframe and then exported as an IFC file and sent straight to the fabricator for manufacture.

AED carried out a full service including site investigation, artist liaison, steel design and detailing, art/structure coordination, steelworker liaison and management and installation procurement.

One of the most rewarding projects of Tim’s career so far.