learmonth terrace

Private client
Four by Two
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AED put together a project team for the full remodelling and renovation of this extensive three-floor property in Edinburgh’s New Town.

The spacial arrangement of the property was very complex due to repeated subdivision and modifications over the last 100+ years, and the demise was in fact laterally interwoven with the adjacent property. The property had also suffered badly from dry rot and poor quality dry rot repairs and treatment. The house had a history of dramatic flooding from damaged and overloaded shallow combined sewers. It was also badly blighted by the over development of the adjacent hotel. What was in the beginning two out-dated flats sprawling over three floors, entwined with neighbouring properties and of little functional use, was in the end turned into one dramatic contemporary property.

The work initially comprised structural appraisals and high-level advice, putting together the project team and procurement of 3-d point cloud surveys of the interior and exterior. AED then went on to full design and detail of the works, including re-configuring the three original stone staircases, alterations to floor levels, strengthening of floors, numerous wall removals, significant enlargement of openings, a new extension at the rear, basement tanking and replacement of historical drainage.

A stunning contemporary family home was created.