kelvingrove bandstand

Regular Music

AED were brought in after concept design stage to adopt the proposal put forward while re-working the design for erection as a temporary demountable structure, serving the summer concerts in Kelvingrove Park.

A new roof element was devised using off-the shelf aluminium space trusses to support a bespoke tensile covering. This element also supported the lighting trusses. Rainwater is discharged rearwards onto the existing bandstand roof.

The legs were reduced in size to make handling easier and split horizontally at mid-height to facilitate installation and storage. Tray baskets were included in the detailing of the feet, which were then loaded with concrete blocks to stabilise the structure.

AED carried out design and 3d structural detailing using Autodesk Revit. AED also coordinated surveys, fabrication and delivery between the various suppliers.

The canopy can be erected in one day by a team of five with a telehandler.

The entire project from first introductions to safety sign-off on site was completed in a twelve-week programme.