ullapool house

Private client
Carbon Dynamic
Carbon Dynamic
not disclosed

AED provided a full service for this design and build project in Ullapool. The building was constructed off-site in eight volumetric units┬áto an advanced stage of completion in Carbon Dynamic‘s Invergordon factory, then shipped by road for placement and finishing on site.

The structure is stabilised using plywood-jointed timber moment frames consisting of JJI joists, plywood gussets and local grouted-in steel inclusions in positions of high stress. The design required detailed consideration of three essential phases of construction:

  • Fabrication in the factory – an exercise in logistics and practicality and the Building Regulations
  • Load/unload – understanding of temporary stresses imposed on the units during lifting
  • Permanent condition – design for in-use loads including wind, snow and occupation

The outcome was an extremely successful building and a delighted client.