sessay hub

Sessay Hub
Sutherland Hussey
Sutherland Hussey Architects asked AED to contribute our unique expertise in the design of minimalist timber, glass and steel structures to their RIBA competition entry for the Sessay Hub; a new focal building with social and sporting uses, for the village of Sessay near Thirsk in North Yorkshire.

The project team comprised Sutherland Hussey, AED,  Gross Max, Building Cost Consultants and AECOM. The entry was successful and we won the competition; see the RIBA winners page and the Sessay Community website.

We looked at the geotechnical conditions, drainage options including SUDS, outline structural options, foundation and superstructure design, preliminary structural optimisation, prefabrication possibilities, wind flow and oscillation studies on the cantilevering roof, options for sun shading and also at impact protection screen and blinds for the glazed walls.

Option for prefabricated plywood and engineered timber roof cassettes were explored. We also examined in some detail the design of the roof steelwork as the extensive cantilevers and relatively heavy sedum roof, together with recessed areas to contain/conceal services, created some challenges.

Services integration was also considered at this early stage. Cellform beams were included in the roof structure, forming the principal transverse structural elements, in order to provide service pathways along the building within the structural depth of the roof. Service routing under the floor was also provided for drainage and selected utilities.

The development also contains the provision of a quantity of housing for local residents, gather around the approach road to the development, which we also considered.

This project is in the process of moving forwards.