in memory

Jupiter Artland
Nathan Coley
Kelsen Technical
not disclosed

The 2010 season at Jupiter Artland outside Edinburgh featured wonderful new works, among them Turner nominee Nathan Coley’s ‘In Memory’. AED was responsible for structural design and detailing.

Stratified site-poured concrete in daily lifts of 150mm encapsulate a steel framework, being both a shutter guide and a delineator for the edges and volume of the object. Appearing massively present both on and in the site, the structure in fact floats over delicate roots and undulating rockhead, supported on nine selected points only.

I am absolutely delighted with what we have made, and want to thank you for your help, wise words and ideas. I think the collective input to ‘In Memory’ has been quite special. Many people have been responding to the carefulness of the design and build. From our first site meeting, to general discussions I have really enjoyed working with you. I think you have been central to that discussion and I often speak of the super smart invisible engineering that is going on
Nathan Coley