arcadia nursery

University of Edinburgh
Malcolm Fraser Architects
Balfour Beatty

AED worked with Malcolm Fraser architects to design this innovative cross laminated timber (CLT) building for Edinburgh University.

The presence of welcome mature trees on and around the site required the development of a novel foundation solution using precast planks and driven steel piles to carry the building over roots. The use of CLT enabled rapid erection of the building superstructure and staircases with little site waste and excellent dimensional accuracy with service penetrations and windows openings etc pre-formed in the factory. Advantage was taken of the attractive surface appearance of the timber panels in large areas of exposed woodwork in the building, giving a pleasant and warm atmosphere. Acoustic ceilings were incorporated in Lignature floor cassettes to give excellent sound performance in the nursery areas where children will sleep during the day.

The project was completed on schedule in August 2014 and to date has won the following awards:

  • RIBA Award for Scotland 2015
  • RIAS Award 2015
  • Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Efficiency Award 2015
  • Wood for Good/Forestry Commission Scotland Award for the Best Use of Timber 2015
  • Scottish Design Award for Best Educational Building
  • Edinburgh Architectural Association Wood Award

Scottish Design Award Winner 2015Scottish Design Award Winner 2015