Private client
Somner MacDonald
John Dennis

AED provided a full service for this residential project to the client and Somner Macdonald architects, from initial appraisals, through site investigation with Envirosoil Technologies, to building warrant, and then during construction by John Dennis (with Icon Fabrications for specialist steelwork), all the way to completion.

The extension is steel-framed, utilising a ring beam to resist thrust from the open roof. The side extension is a mix of timber construction and localised steelwork, as required.

Significant alterations were carried out to the existing building, enabling opening up the circulation to the new areas to the rear and rationalisation of the inherited subdivision around the old stairs.

AED also carried out options studies for a variety of main stair reconfigurations; generally retaining the stone treads of the stair but opening up the space below and adding significant areas of structural glass. In the end these were not incorporated into the build.