start your own business

As part of AED’s progressive attitude to the practice of structural and civil engineering we have two unique offers for ambitious, independent-minded engineers:

Start your own practice, but with help

If you have ever thought of going out on your own, but have been put off by the prospect of all the necessary infrastructure and business skills you think you will need, this could be for you. Effectively we are offering a startup consultancy service for aspiring self-employed engineers. Learn from our mistakes, not your own!

Our attitude is that diversity and professional networks are a good thing, and we are not afraid of competition, so depending on your location in the UK, for an agreed fee, we will:

  • advise on and help you assemble a customised package comprising all the things you will need: space, software, email, computers, printers, graphic design, website, technical standards, insurance, accounting, time recording, QA systems etc
  • provide support and backup for an agreed period until you find your feet.
  •  share work with you or help you out with any surplus to give you the flexibility you need to succeed

or alternatively….

Become an AED franchise

If you’re not ready to spread your wings yet, or would prefer to be part of a larger organisation but with the freedom to decide when  you work and what you work on, we are offering franchise packages to appropriately qualified engineers living outside our existing geographical range.

Subject to interviews, in return for a deposit we will supply everything you need to set up a new AED office, straight out of the box. You will be part of our organisation with the professional clout that this brings, have access to all our technical resources and enjoy the comfort of friendly in-house design checking and certification services. On top of that you will have significant freedom to run your own office the way you want. All your financial matters will be handled centrally in return for a fixed monthly fee, leaving you to reap the benefits of your own hard work in terms of genuine performance-related pay.

If either of these options sound appealing, please get in touch with our Director Tim Hetherington by email of telephone for an initial discussion.