a small project timeline

A building project can be daunting, especially if you have not done one before. It helps to understand the basic stages. Here’s a simple set of steps to follow:

  1. Decide on a budget!
  2. Get initial advice from an expert: an architect, structural engineer, or both, on what changes or development are possible.
  3. Get up to three options drawn out by the architect or an architectural technologist.
  4. Get outline costs for each one from a builder.
  5. Pick one option. One you can afford.
  6. Take advice from your expert on the need for Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent (LBC).
  7. Put more detail on the drawings if necessary and make the necessary Planning and Listed Building applications.
  8. Planning and/or LBC are granted. This may be after a few rounds of queries. Allow three months for this process.
  9. Take advice on the need for a subsequent Building Warrant (Scotland) or Building Control Approval (England and Wales) application. Not all work requires this.
  10. Have final fully detailed drawings created. How detailed depends on where you are. Generally in Scotland more detail is required.
  11. Apply for Building Warrant/Building Control Approval, if required (see #9). Allow three months for this in Scotland.
  12. Meanwhile, get at least three builders to tender using the drawings from #10.
  13. Start on site once Warrant is granted (Scotland) or whenever you like after notifying your local council you want to start (England and Wales).
  14. Carry out the building work. Keep and eye on costs and the quality of your builder’s work.
  15. Supply any extra information your local council ask for during the work.
  16. Apply for completion certificate.