our services

Our current projects range from a few thousand to nearly ten million pounds in value and the scope of services we provide comprises two main categories:

General consultancy

AED is an established practice with an enviable track record in imaginative yet cost-effective general structural engineering design. We provide a full range of design services for projects comprising new build, alteration and refurbishment, and for projects where only structural assessment or maintenance are required. We also carry out the design of smaller civil engineering works, either in association with a building structure, or as stand-alone items. If you are looking for something in particular and you can’t see an example in our portfolio, please get in touch.

Special services

Our brand is uniquely associated with the provision of a range of special services, alongside our regular offering:

  • Off-site construction
  • Structural glass design
  • Design optimisation (VE)
  • Engineering for public art
  • Massive timber construction
  • Connection design (steel & timber)
  • Construction product development
  • Temporary/demountable structures
  • Secondary structural packages (stairs etc)